Having a million things on your to-do list is one thing; how you tackle them is up to you. For these two multitalented Malaysian guys, staying organised is half the battle won, but what they put on in the morning also puts them in the right state of mind to get stuff done. Here’s how they do it:

Actor, TV host

John may have only broken into the acting industry five years ago, but with an upcoming TV documentary as well as movies and theatre productions under his belt, he’s definitely climbing the ladder he chose. And after working on and improving his physique, he’s also started modelling. Busy guy!

But even the shortest chat with John will tell you he’s laid-back. He even dresses the part. “I’m not someone who follows trends,” he says. “I dress pretty much how I feel that day. It’s always about practicality.”

#1 Pair your khakis with a polo tee for a look that goes well with any occasion.
#2 Cuffing your khakis shows off your kicks (and confident attitude).
#3 When it's time to dress up, a print shirt with dark khakis add a bit of edge.
John Tan Is

Always on top of his game

It’s almost serendipitous that John wears Dockers® khakis almost every day, and even for work. “Khakis are something every guy should have in their wardrobe. It’s a classic.”

“I wear my Dockers® khakis a lot while outdoors on shoots and on my shows. They’re practical and comfortable, and this keeps me at my best, no matter the job.” — John Tan

Play it Simple

John exercises and maintains a healthy diet to stay energised, and always dresses comfortably. That’s where a great pair of khakis comes in. John prefers to keep it simple, and pairs them with T-shirts.

Architect, Model

Haikal has known the khaki code since he was a boy. “Before I started buying my own clothes or wearing jeans, my parents would buy me khakis,” he says. The architect also models on the side, so he’s someone who really knows how to wear his khakis.

Haikal, an architect for the past nine years, got his start in modelling five years ago when he was an extra at a colleague’s test shoot. A make-up artist at the photoshoot spotted him, and the rest is history.

#1 Make things interesting by layering a print shirt over a T-shirt.
#2 When in doubt, tuck it in and belt it. You've never looked better.
#3 Who says a bright-coloured khaki can't save the day?
Haikal Hazman will

Never Back Down

As an architect and model, Haikal meets a lot of different people and learns different things. But what he’s learnt from both is confidence. “My two worlds are interconnected, after all.”

“Some people get nervous about facing challenges, but I say just go for it. Be easy-going but confident at the same time. It’s just like when you put on khakis.” — Haikal Hazman
Haikal Hazman's Style is

Tried and True

Haikal describes his style as vibrant yet simple, which is why he thinks Dockers® khakis are a versatile addition to any look. You can dress them up or down to suit the occasion without trying too hard.