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This Ramadan season
Celebrate your style

From performance polos and refined shirts
to our favourite khakis with Smart 360 Flex,
we’ve got your style solution sorted with our
latest collection. Find out what type of guy you
are with our quiz above, and take heed!

The Hustler Who
is Always On

Hustlers don’t make excuses when they don’t achieve their goals; they look at the issue square in the eye and accept it as a challenge to improve.



For a guy who’s always on the go, pick out something comfortable and durable enough to last you through the day. A pair of khakis with Smart 360 Flex and a crease-free refined top would do the job perfectly.

Soft No Wrinkle shirt
in Pembroke (RM111)
Workday Khaki (Slim Tapered fit)
in Safari Beige (RM177)
360 Performance Polo tee
in Dusty Cedar (RM111)
The Perfect Shorts (Classic Fit)
in Pembroke (RM101)
Refined Poplin shirt
in Montecito Blue (RM168)
Workday Khaki (Slim Tapered fit)
in New British Khaki (RM 177)

Make A Lasting Impression

If anyone can rouse the crowd into a laugh, it’d be the Life of the Party. He loves a good challenge, and is always looking for something new to embark on, whether for work or play.



Pair a relaxed Resort shirt with a casual khaki, or go bold with print when you’re out for a party. These are your wardrobe staples that will make a lasting impression.

Dietz Resort shirt
in Pembroke Print (RM111)
Standard Jean Cut khaki
in Safari Beige (RM149)
Pique Polo tee
in Quiet Grey (RM92)
The Perfect Shorts (Classic fit)
in Anaya Pembroke print (RM101)
Alpha Laundered shirt
in Pembroke (RM149)
Alpha Original Khaki (Slim Tapered fit)
in Dockers Khaki (RM167)

Masters The Fundamentals

You’re a low-key guy, so you’re usually looking for something simple, functional and ultimately stylish. There’s no reason to be loud or to shout — because less is always more. 



The minimalist look is easily achievable with a pair of utilitarian khakis and a simple shirt or polo tee. Go for solid colours such as black, white or blue, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with a dash a colour!

Refined Poplin shirt
in Rio Red (RM158)
Workday Khaki (Slim Tapered fit)
in Storm (RM177)
Crewneck Sweatshirt
in River Rock Heather (RM158)

Premium 360 Shorts
in Navy (RM139)
Pique Polo tee
in Black (RM92)
Alpha Jogger with Smart 360 Flex (Slouch Tapered fit)
in Quiet Grey (RM205)

Aged like a fine wine

The Big Brother is like that trusty companion who dispenses wise adages to listening folks. He’s the one people look up to and is never shy to enjoy the finer things in life.



Classic, charismatic and confident, The Big Brother can never go wrong with a refined dress shirt, or even a boldly striped Polo. Pair it up with a pair of khakis with Smart 360 Flex — and you’re good to go.

Pique Polo tee
in Dusty Cedar (RM92)
Premium 360 Shorts
in Dockers Khaki (RM139)
Soft No Wrinkles shirt
in Delft (RM111)
Workday Khaki (Slim Tapered fit)
in Pembroke (RM177)
Essential Poplin shirt
in Harbour Blue (RM139)
Alpha Khaki with Smart 360 Flex (Slim Tapered fit)
in Steelhead (RM205)