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Dockers® Icons

This year, on our 35th anniversary, we’re celebrating what we do best, and what you’ll wear forever.

The Tee

We’re taking you back to the basics — with an exacting eye for detail. This foundational tee is crafted from pure cotton for quality, comfort, and durability.


Icon Tee
Lucent White | RM58 | A0856-0008

Graphic tee
Lucent White | RM78 | A1103-0003

Graphic tee
Ombre Blue | RM78 | A1103-0012

The Chino

The ideal casual chino. We made sure of that by tweaking its fit to hang even better, making it more sustainable, and finishing it off with a mix of details inspired by our favourite pants from the archive.


Ultimate Chino with Smart 360 Knit™ ► Slim Fit
Foxtrot Brown | RM208 | 79488-0109

Ultimate Chino with Smart 360 Knit™ ► Slim Fit
Mulled Basil | RM208 | 79488-0103

Alpha Khaki with Supreme Flex™ ► Skinny Fit
Gray Breeze | RM208 | 59373-0028

The Sweatshirt

A totally classic crewneck sweatshirt made in organic cotton French terry. In other words: it’s soft, comfortable and easy to wear in any climate.


Crewneck Sweater
New British Khaki | RM168 | A1105-0016

Icon Sweatshirt
Mineral Black | RM198 | A1104-0008

The Button-Up

A comfortable feel. Made with materials that’ll keep our planet a little healthier.


Alpha Icon Button Up Shirt ► Regular Fit
Lucent White | RM168 | A1115-0002

Alpha Icon Button Up Shirt ► Slim Fit
Sea of Belize | RM168 | A1114-0002

Alpha Icon Button Up Shirt ► Regular Fit
Sea of Belize | RM168 | A1115-0001

Alpha Icon Button Up Shirt ► Slim Fit
Harbor Mist | RM168 | A1114-0001

Dockers® 35th Anniversary

Take a look back at our journey through the years.


An Icon Is Born

Levi Strauss, after seeding generations with jeans for years, noticed there was a need to review workwear between people that found a suit to be too classic and denim to be too casual for work. This is where Dockers® comes in: it’s the perfect middle between jeans and suits.


Casual Fridays

Dockers® invites their employees to change their way of dressing for work, at least one day a week: on Friday.


At The Docks
of Europe

Dockers® clothing hits US$1 billion in sales and is introduced in Europe.


Time for

Time Magazine names the Dockers® Mobile Pant one of the year’s best inventions.


The 20 Year

Dockers® turns 20 and introduces men to the Four Wearing Occasions: Work, Weekend, Dress and Sports.


Khakis Ready
for Anything

We launch Smart 360 Flex™, a revolutionary 4-way stretch fabric that brings unprecedented comfort, with an elastic waistband and hidden zipped security pockets.