Three Khaki Fits
You Must Own

The secret to looking great all the time? Finding your perfect fit, so you’ll always step out in style and absolute confidence.



How To Cuff
Your Khakis

To cuff or not to cuff? Master the art of cuffing to upgrade any look and to stay ahead of the curve.


– TIP 1 –

Fold your khakis up until they’re just above your shoes or ankles. Keep each fold sleek.

– TIP 2 –

Stick to folds that are about an inch wide and don’t fold too many times, so that your cuffs won’t be chunky.

– TIP 3 –

Don’t cuff your shirt sleeves if you cuff your khakis. This over-complicates your look.

– TIP 4 –

For a modern touch, wear no-show socks which is the perfect pairing for a cuffed hem.