Dockers® Supreme Flex are khakis that provide you
with next-level flexibility and superior comfort.
These khakis know no boundaries.

This is Supreme Flex

With Dockers® Supreme Flex, you’ll be ready for action no matter what.


When you put them on, you’ll feel incredibly comfortable when you’re moving in every direction you can think of. But because they’re made with extremely flexible fabrics, the khakis will provide you with an amazing feeling of recovery and durability.

Skinny Khaki with Supreme Flex™
in Dockers® Navy (RM238)
Skinny Khaki with Supreme Flex™
in Blue Collar (RM238)
Flex Up At Work
Hip Flexor Stretch

Been sitting too long? Then try this stretch that will loosen up your entire lower body.

Flex Up At Work
Chest Stretch

This stretch will wake you up and help you hit your KPIs in no time at all.

Flex Up At Work
Hamstring Stretch

Get your legs limbered up with this easy stretch you can do right now.

Flex Up At Work
Rotation Stretch

Your body (and your weekly reports) will thank you when you do this simple stretch.