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Inspired by our love of nature, our commitment
to the people and the planet.

Because Every Drop Counts

Our designers are committed to finding ways to create the same innovation and style you love much more responsibly. And we’re proud to say we’ve done just that. We’ve been using Water<Less®, a suite of techniques that require less water, to produce our clothes for the past 10 years.


Workday Khaki with Smart 360 Flex™ ► Slim Fit
Black | RM228 | 36272-0006
Alpha Khaki with Smart 360 Flex™ ► Slim Fit
New British Khaki | RM238 | 39900-0000
Ultimate Chino with Smart 360 Flex™ ► Slim Fit
Foil | RM218 | 79488-0099
City Tech Trouser ► Slim Fit
Mole | RM218 | 35477-0012

Responsibly Grown

By using cotton that is grown more responsibly, we reduce the amount of water and chemicals it takes to make our clothes while supporting more sustainable farming methods.


Graphic Tee
Rubicondo | RM88 | A1103-0001
Graphic Tee
Butterfly | RM78 | A1103-0006
Graphic Tee
Mineral Black | RM88 | A1103-0000
Graphic Tee
Dusty Rose | RM88 | A1156-0002
Rib Collar Polo Tee
Mineral Black | RM108 | A1159-0000
Rib Collar Polo Tee
Cardamom Seed | RM108 | A1159-0005
Rib Collar Polo Tee
Moonstruck | RM118 | A1159-0004
2 Pocket Work Shirt
Ecru | RM148 | A0877-0006
Trucker Jacket
Light Wash | RM448 | A1175-0001

Reduced Impact

We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to bring the high-quality stretch, performance and feel you expect, while reducing our impact. We believe in the power of Recycled Fibers, which is why we use them wherever we can.


Short Sleeved Casual Shirt
Rubicondo | RM128 | 55769-0192
Signature Comfort Flex Shirt
Dried Sage | RM108 | 54708-0576
Signature Comfort Flex Shirt
True Chino | RM108 | 54708-0575
Long Sleeved Casual Shirt
Moonstruck | RM148 | 52669-0310
Long Sleeved Casual Shirt
Tristan Foil | RM148 | 52669-0299
Signature Comfort Flex Shirt
Pembroke | RM118 | 52661-0812
Signature Comfort Flex Shirt
Sea of Belize | RM118 | 52661-0798
Sweater Polo Tee
Mineral Black | RM128 | A0768-0003